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FKB (band)

FKB is a Canadian rock band consisting of Drew Shalka, Derek Chalut, Travis Topylki, and Alex Fedorouk.[1][2] They have released five musical works, FKB (), "Bright Lights," "My Bedroom," "Casual Love," and "Backseat Daydream."[3] Since they began touring they have performed hundreds of shows across Canada and the United States supporting acts including The Trews, Mother Mother, Bif Naked, Pop Evil, Dear Rouge, Dan Davidson, The Road Hammers, and Scott Helman.[4][5][6][7]


Origins and FKB[edit]

FKB originated in in Bonnyville, Alberta where they began performing regularly while they were in high school.[8] They attracted attention early on with their shows that featured a wide variety of musical styles including reggae, country, and rock, with their music often being influenced by The Beatles and Elvis Presley.[9]

In they met another singer-songwriter from Bonnyville at one of their shows named Clayton Bellamycountry rock band The Road Hammers.[10] He became interested in their music and produced their first EP, FKB which they released in [11] Following the release they were voted into the top campus bands on CBC Music by fans.[12] FKB also achieved chart success on campus radio reaching No. 19 on CJSR-FM in Edmonton, Alberta and No. 23 on CFBX-FM in Kamloops, British Columbia.[13][14]

FKB performed at Extreme Mudfest in Bonnyville in where they opened for Canadian rock band The Trews.[15] The festival also featured performances by The Road Hammers and Aaron Pritchett.[16][5]

"Bright Lights"[edit]

InFKB completed their first tour of Canada which consisted of 11 shows ranging from Vancouver to Toronto.[17][18]

FKB released a single titled "Bright Lights" on April 25, [19] That summer they launched a tour of North America with dates spanning from Vancouver, Canada to New York City.[20][21][22] The tour also included a performance near their original hometown in Cold Lake, Alberta alongside Canadian artist Bif Naked for Canada's th Anniversary.[6]

On January 16,FKB released a music video and single titled "My Bedroom" during a series of winter tour dates across Western Canada.[23]Later that year, "Bright Lights" was nominated for Adult Alternative Recording of the Year at the Anime Femail Naked Music Awards.[24] In JulyFKB released "Casual Love" on KnightVision Records.[25][26][27] The music video for "Casual Love" was featured that fall at the Edmonton Short Film Festival.[28]The Road Hammers, Pop Evil, and Royal Tusk that November.[25][29]

FKB released the single "Backseat Daydream" in February [3] That March they won the Jim Beam Talent Naked And Kamloops in Edmonton, Alberta securing a spot to perform at Canadian Music Week in Toronto that May.[30] They performed at the Amsterdam Brewhouse at Canadian Music Week on May 9th, [31] In latethe band appeared as themselves in the feature film Moments in Spacetime and performed their Naked And Kamloops Hot Yuong Girls Naked Bedroom".[32]


  • FKB ()
  • "Bright Lights" ()
  • "My Bedroom" ()
  • "Casual Love" ()
  • "Backseat Daydream" ()
  • "Glow" ()



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