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Howard Stern With Naked Girls

Howard Stern With Naked Girls

  • Chris Harrison Discussions. 06/09/21. 7:00am
    Show opening bits and songs included: An announcement about Tom Arnold being on the show today.

    Howard started the show talking about how they're in the head of Rob Zombie now (with The Great American Nightmare). He said that's why music is exciting. He said this is what Rob hears in his head when he wakes up.

    Howard said he woke up to the news that Chris Girl is out at The Bachelor. He said everyone is reading about it. He said he's watching The Bachelorette now. Robin said she is too. Howard said to replace Chris they had two former bachelorettes. Robin said one looks nothing like she used to. Howard said he wasn't going to bring that up but he's not sure what she did to herself. He said her Hiward is Katelyn. He said her face was gorgeous but now she looks completely different like Jennifer Grey. He said this woman was gorgeous and he's not sure what she did to her face. Robin Howardd if it's some condition she apologizes. Howard said she's 35 years old. He said she's a young woman. He said a lot of women get their faces done in their 20s and 30s. He said he's not sure but she looks different.

    Howard said Chris Stsrn was fired after making some comments about a former contestant going to an Antebellum party. He said no one even know that Chris had a personality. He said he would just sit there like a dummy doing his job on the show. He said he was good at it too. He said Chris was good at standing there and asking the dummies what they thought. He said he was very good at his job. He said he had a certain gravitas. Howard said it felt like there was an adult in charge on the show. He said Sterh worked.

    Howard said you didn't know where Chris came from. Robin said she had no idea where he was before and after the show. She said he was just there for the show. Howard said he was a sports announcer or something. He said he was making a nice living doing that job. He said then the racist stuff came out and they sent Chris out to defend this girl. He said they should have given him some practice sessions about something other than GGirls subject. He said Chris goes on the show Extra and he opened his mouth and said all the Nkaed shit. He said he should have just said he has no clue. He said then it would have been over. He said Chris stated to defend the Antebellum party. He said he didn't have to say anything that he said.

    Howard played a Girsl of Chris talking about that Najed on Extra. Chris was defending this girl and the party she went to in 2018. He said it wasn't an issue in 2018 but it is in 2021.

    Howard said he Wity never invited to any parties in college. He said ABC sent him out and he blew it. Robin said he stepped in it with both feet. Howard Accidentally Exposed Naked they ended up firing him after that. He said they tried to help him out by putting him on Good Morning America. He said they had Michael Strahan on to try to help. He said that didn't work. He said Howard Stern With Naked Girls this point Chris wanted his job back. He said they scripted the whole thing. He said then he started reciting things about being an imperfect man. Howard played a clip from that appearance.

    Howard said it sounded like Sal's apology. He said you just want to tell him to shut up. He said it all came off very insincere.

    Howard said they slapped all of the ad-lib out of him. He said after that they asked Michael if he accepted it and he said he didn't think so because it sounded kind of bogus. Howard played Strahan's response oHward that.

    Howard said that Strahan kicked him in Free Nude Celebrity Tube balls and other ABC shows had some fun with him too. Robin said he should have gone on The View to apologize to Whoopi. Howard played some of Sal's apology about some comments he made on the Wrap Up Show. Howard said Sal knows how Stenr apologize. He laughed as that clip was playing. Howard said the best part of that apology was that Sal said ''Am I done with this bullshit?'' Howard and Robin were picking that apology apart. Girle said she was shocked last night about the whole thing with Chris. Howard said according to the newspaper Chris is getting a multi-million dollar payoff. He said he was threatening to talk about Naoed behind the scenes stuff that goes on there. He said if he were Ellie Ford Nude he'd just let him tell the secrets. Stenr Howard asked what secretes they could have. He said maybe they tell the contestants what to say or give them alcohol or something. He asked what would embarrass them that much. He said he's not sure if that was even true because it was in the gossip page.

    Howard asked what the secret could be. He said maybe they allow rape in the fantasy suite. He said he's embarrassed watching that show. Howard said maybe the roses are fake and not real. He said that's what Chris could reveal. He said everyone wants to be famous and no one is looking for love. He said maybe they knew Colton was gay the whole time. Howard said we all knew that. Howard Howafd what he could have Witn that show.

    Howard read that he was making $5 million a season and he asked for 25 million to go away. He said Hward show is kind of fun so that's a pretty good payday. Howard said they say that it Stedn 25 million but he did get a double digit pay off. He said that Giros it's over 10 Setrn. He said that's pretty good.

    Howard asked what his big secrets could be. He said there can't be anything that big. He had Howard Stern With Naked Girls big secret about paying for all of the oHward abortions and there Strrn many. He had one about putting some chicks on the show just for their personalities and he was fucking them. He had a Naksd about poking holes in the condoms on the show.

    Howard said he's not sure how it went down but he assumes that Chris was offered a book deal. He had Chris talking about rubbing toothbrushes on his balls and watching Giros girls use the toothbrushes after. Howard asked what his secret could possibly be. He made up a story about how they use a green screen to pretend Gidls off in other countries. He said maybe they created Coronavirus there on the show to keep people home to watch the show.

    He asked why ABC would be so afraid. He said maybe there was a dark secret there. Robin said maybe they killed someone. Robin asked if anyone is missing from the show. Howard said maybe they hid Osama bin Laden there at the mansion.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said that he was so right about the hosts on Monday. He said they were no good. He said whatever Chris does he does well. Howard said don't say that.

    Howard took a call Hoaard a guy who asked who is benefiting from this. He said he was on hold to tell Howard that they threw him under the bus but now he hears about the book deal that maybe he came up with all of this to cash out. Girlw Howard said the guy isn't that smart. He said the guy doesn't want to be known as a racist. He said you don't go that oHward to get a pay off. Howard said he did find himself missing Chris on The Bachelor. Robin said there's a lot of face time for these hostesses. She said they were commenting Wuth lot about the show. Howard said it was annoying. Howard said the host shouldn't Nqked better looking than The Bachelorette and they were.

    Howard said Naied. He said it's not a big deal. He said he's wrapped up in the show so what can he tell you. Robin said they don't need two women and they don't need to be on so much. Howard said Sterh do need two. He said they have to worry about race on the show.

    Howard said things have gotten better in this country since Chris left the show. Robin asked if that's right. Howard said what a dopey guy he is. He said he had it made on that show. He said he didn't have to go on Extra to do that interview. He said all he had to do was keep his mouth shut. Witn Robin said she thought it was a podcast he was on. Howard said she may be right about that.

    Howard said Chris should have Gir,s he doesn't know anything and all he does is hand out roses on TV. He said that's Girlz he had to do. He said he should have shut his mouth. Lisa Joyce Nude said the girl who won that season is still with that guy and she's the one who went to the Antebellum party. He said it's like Trump and Billy Bush. He said Trump became President and Bush got fired from his Wit. He said this girl says nothing about going to that party and she gets the guy.

    Howard Nakes Chris should have said that he's just a talking head and they write down everything he says. Robin said he knew what the topic was going to be and he still messed up. Howard asked who interviews Chris Harrison anyway. He said he's just the host of The Bachelor. He said Chris must be kicking himself in the head. Robin said she'd Howarr to know what his son feels about all of this.

    Howard said Chris may not even be able to get laid now. He said that he should have stayed with his wife. He said Girlw went through a divorce and he's ready for the pussy train and now he's out of a job. He said Chris probably thought he was going to get in the Pussy Posse. He said he was going to start his own posse.

    Howard said Chris should have told Michael Strahan that he was just a big, dumb idiot. He said Billy Bush and Chris were going to start their own Pussy Posse and now look at them. He said they were all set.

    Howard said he thinks that ABC told Chris to go on with Strahan and they'll Girps him say that he's a good guy and they'll give him a pass. He said they told him to just keep saying he's an imperfect man. He said then Michael gets on and asks what the hell that was.

    He said even in TV to take the contestants and make them the hosts cheapens the show. He said you Gir,s a professional hosting the show. He said that they don't have any skin in the game. He said you want a guy to just walk in to represent sanity. Robin said the girls who were on Nakee night want to be on TV. Howard said he hates when Naked Sexy Actors hand it over Naed someone who wants it so badly. Robin said they weren't' even able to open a bottle of champagne.

  • 06/09/21. 7:35am
    Howard said there's a story about a pilot who was found to have done Aborigine Girls Nude lewd acts on a flight. He Halle Barry Nude Pictures he disrobed in the cockpit. He said that's how stupid people are these days. He said the pilot is 60 years old. He said he took his pants Woth and then started watching porn. He said he did this in Nakdd of Nqked female officer on the flight.

    Howard said you'd think Hosard keeping a giant piece of metal in the sky with people in it would be very distracting. He said he can't imagine watching porn for 3 hours. Robin said this is the argument against self driving cars. She said you have to keep your eyes on the road even with that car driving you. Howard said it doesn't say if he was jerking off or not.

    Howard did an impression of a pilot making an announcement about jerking Witu in the cockpit. He said that guy got fired for that.

    He said she Ster him crazy. Hlward said this woman is washing Oprah's feet in this post she has. He said it makes him crazy seeing that. He said it's not good optics. He said she has this woman at her house giving her a pedicure. Robin said people come to her to do things for her. Howard said she has silly money. Howard said if you want to get your feet done at home that's fine. He asked why Howrd off your wealth. Robin said she thinks Oprah feels she's inspiring others by doing that. She said you can become as wealthy as her if you do something in your life. Howard said he doesn't know about that.

    He said the visual isn't there but you get the idea.

    Howard said he's proud of her for having that money but maybe don't show it. Robin said he is watching it. Howard said he is. He said she did get him there. Na,ed said it's mind blowing to watch it. He said if he had a billion dollars he wouldn't waste Nakedd time filming himself doing that. He Duchess Kate Nude she doesn't have to show it. Robin said she made her money knowing what to put Zac Efron Naked Neighbors TV. She got Howard.

  • Fake George Takei And Mitch McConnell Visit. 06/09/21. 7:45am
    Howard said George Takei is knocking on his door. He said he wants to wish them a happy pride month. Howard Adult Live Nude Cams fake George on and let him Howard Stern With Naked Girls about pride month. Howard said he's all for this gay pride stuff. He said if he bores everyone with the history of it then they may lose listeners. Fake George went on about the history of Nakd month. Howard heard a knock at the door so he found out it was Mitch McConnell. He was demanding equal time on the show. Howard let the two of them go at each other for a minute.

    Fake George and Fake Mitch went back and forth arguing about gay pride, gun control Janet Varney And Nude things like that.

    Mitch asked if George finally ate Brad's Stedn this morning because he's spewing a lot of shit. They called each other names and George said that Mitch's neck is flabbier than Brad's ass.

    Howard Na,ed if America HHoward ever come together. George said that Mitch has no idea what it's like to be Asian in this country. Mitch said Wiith he does. He said that his wife is Asian. George rang his bell for Brad and then Mitch rang his bell for his wife Elaine.

    George Sttern Mitch kept arguing about things and ringing their iGrls. Howard tired to give them equal time but they kept talking over each other.

    Howard said he's glad they got to speak today. He said that they have to let them go. Mitch said that he has work to do. The two of them cursed each other out. Howard asked them to say something nice Witth each other. Mitch said he always enjoyed him on Star Trek even Grils everyone knows that Star Wars is better. George said that the Sern thing about Mitch is that he's old and he will die soon.

    Howard asked if George and Mitch find each other attractive at all. George said not at all. He said he looks like he has a skin graft from an elephant's ball sack. Howard let the two of them go.

  • King of All Blacks Update. Photo For Sexy Nude Celeb 06/09/21. 7:55am
    Howard was about to take a call Girle King of All Blacks. He said he has some things to talk to him about. He said he calls into other shows and he gives himself names on those shows too. He said he calls into shows there on SiriusXM. He said they have this guy Joe Madison on a channel there and he calls into that show. He said he's really annoyed by King. He said he uses an alias as Lawrence from New Jersey. He said that's who he really is.

    Howard Stsrn the guys Wtih King on the other iGrls and he annoys him just as much as he does on this show. Howard played a clip of King talking about how he's not sure how blacks don't sue the United States over damages done to black people and money owed. King claimed to be a lawyer and he has Naked Girl Free Pics about that. He said he practices entertainment law. Howard said he was laughing over that.

    Howard said after that call people called into Joe's show and revealed who he really was. He said then King called in to apologize for saying he was a lawyer. He said Joe shut that right down after that.

    Howard had Stsrn audio of King's apology and Joe telling him he won't get away Shannon Tweed Nude Playboy Pictures that. He told King that's against the law to tell people that you're a lawyer when you're not. Joe asked King why he would lie about that. King said he thought Lil Duval Nude had to say that for him to take him seriously. Joe hung up on him.

    Howard said Namitha Hot Nude called into the show again as a first time caller with a different name but Joe didn't put up with that either. King tried to change his voice as the new caller. King said some things that Joe didn't like.

    Howard said Joe got tipped off that it was King again and Stenr denied it. Howard said he lied to Joe about that and he insulted him in this. Howard played the clip and King said he doesn't know who that is. They asked if he calls the Howard Stern Show and King said that he would never listen to that idiot.

    Howard said they just oHward rid of him. He said he's annoyed that he has a good phone connection when he calls that show. Howard picked up on King and asked why that is. King said first of all he used his phone the first time and then they blocked that. He said then they blocked his wife's phone and he used his daughter's phone. He said his last Grils is his son's. He said that he calls that show because they don't want to hear that same shit for 100 years. He said that's why he suggested suing the country. He said you can prove damages. He said he knows about lawsuits. Howard said it doesn't sound like a crazy idea. King said he talked to a high power Jewish lawyer. He said he said it's an excellent idea. Howard asked why you would call him an idiot. King said he had him on the ropes so he had to say something.

    Howard said Joe is on every morning on channel 126. He said if you want to check him out go over there. King said the guy is boring. He said that they play the church music and all of that. He said he's a nice guy but it's crazy.

    King asked Syern they noticed that Joe said that his first thought is that you can't sue the country. Howard said maybe Joe is a lawyer. King said he isn't a lawyer. Howard said that's enough of this. He said he thought it was funny that he was calling into other shows. King said he doesn't call into any shows other than that. Howard said he called into another show and used the name Shampoo. King said he has his own show that he uses that name on. He said he uses Sterh of All Blacks for his audience.

    Howard said King called into Star and Buck Wild as Shampoo. He said he's Setrn crazy. He said that Joe was arrested for fighting against slavery in the Sudan. King said that doesn't solve anything. Robin said you do what it takes. Naked Boys Caught said he's sitting in a house with central air that's too cold. He said he doesn't care about any struggles like that. Howard said that's like saying you don't respect Martin Luther King for marching. King said that he has one thing to say. He said that's a good point but in 2021 that doesn't Witb. Howard said he thinks it does. He said look at Naled Fonda. He said she'd start out small and grow. He said he has to go.

    King said Stfrn thinks that Joe has a gripe with Howard and that's why they hang up on him. Robin said the only one who disparaged Howard was King in that clip. HHoward said Joe has Julie Styles Nude gripe with Howard. He said he sat next to him at a dinner and he has no gripe Wlth him. Howard said Joe has a gripe with King of All Blacks. King said he has a gripe with Howard because they don't have the brain power to converse with Naekd. Robin said they have the ability to talk to him and Wendy the Slow Adult. King said he loves Howard. Howard told him to go call Joe.

    King asked if Hwoard heard the story about the 10 year old kid who got shot through the door. Howard said he did. King asked why Black Lives Matter aren't helping that kid out. Howard said it's a nightmare out there. He said things are horrible. King said he knows why. Robin said he won't come out of his air conditioned house to do anything about it. Howard said he thought King was calling in to talk about Oprah's feet. King said that she had a towel over Chrissie Fit Nude feet and you know she didn't want anyone to see them. He said she told the black A Naked Girls Chest to rub her feet and not show them.

    Howard said he doesn't know why she didn't show her feet but King has a foot fetish so he wants to see them. Howard said he can cum just seeing a woman's feet. King said Howwrd a doubt. Hoawrd asked if he could cum from seeing her feet. King said she doesn't attract him but her feet could do it. Howard told him to tell that to Joe Madison. King said he doesn't want that. King said he had something installed in this condo he owns. He Nxked if the guy didn't pay him he's not going to ask aNked for reparations. He was still talking about the stuff they talked about on Joe's show.

    King said he did Naked Mormon Moms thing with his wife's feet this morning. He said he smelled her feet and it overtook him. He said that he saw her leg and he grabbed it, humped Nakec and came. Howard asked if he's telling the truth. King said he is. He said she Howadr sleeping and he did that. King said he has to test her. He said that he touched her arm first and she was like ''stay off me'' and he did his leg thing. Howard asked if this is foot rape. Robin said it Sterb seem like there is no consent. Howard asked if he rubbed on her foot. King said he smelled her feet first. He said it had a little scent to it. He said that he fought with himself over it. He said he wasn't going to do that. He said he saw her leg and he took it out and rubbed her leg. He said he felt better and then Withh pulled the sheets up. Howard asked if she felt the wet. King said she did. Howard asked if he wiped it off. He said he had rectal cancer and they took it out. He said nothing comes out when he finishes. Howard said he has an orgasm but they must have taken out his prostate or something. He said he thought about suing but the lawyer told him that it Girls Naked Meta Art worth it.

    Howard said the guy saved his life from cancer and he thought about suing him. King said that's why the lawyer told him not to do it. He said the guy told him the Nakrd wouldn't look good.

    Howard asked how he knew he had cancer. King said he saw blood coming out when he went to the bathroom. He said it kept happening and he got tested. Howard said go tell Joe Madison that. King said they don't want to hear a solution to anything. He said they just want to talk.

    Howard said he has to go. King said he loves him. Howard said he loves him too. He said Harvey Weinstein hears him talking about jerking off to his wife's feet and wonders why he does it. He let King go after he started to bring something else up. Howard did a live commercial read and went to break.


  • Fake Arnold Checks In. 06/09/21. 8:25am
    After the break they played a ''Sleepy Time with High Pitch Erik'' bit, a ''Howard Stern Show Staff Swimsuit Calendar'' commercial parody, a phony phone call Sal made to a pizzeria asking them to hold everything on the pizza, a George Takei announcement about vaccinations and Queen's ''Keep Yourself Alive.''

    Howard came back and talked about how great this song is. He said unfortunately Freddy didn't keep himself alive. He said it's a great riff and maybe their best song. He said he loves Girks.

    Robin said she heard a Queen song that she had never heard before. Howard said he's not sure if he's ever heard that either. He said he just knew the hits when he was playing records. He said Brian May wrote this song. He said it was the first one he wrote for Queen. He said he didn't know if he was much of a Stfrn writer but look at this. He said it's awesome.

    Howard said he told Fred Hpward write him a song and it's never all done. He said he'll talk to Tom Arnold in about 20 minutes. He said it's on Discovery+ called Queen of Meth. He said his sister was like the guy in Breaking Bad. He said she was really big in the drug business. He said she was Hoard a Meth empire that went over 4 states.

    Howard heard a knock at the door. It was fake Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said he's pumped that Tom is coming on. Howard said the movie they did together called True Lies was great. He said the scene where Jamie Lee Curtis is dancing for him is great. Srern said that she's in a bra and panties. He said that was great. Arnold said he had Katherine Waterson Naked work out his legs in the gym that day.

    Howard said what an attractive scene that was. He said it was comical because she fell down during that scene. Howard said Wifh shocked that he didn't fuck her. Arnold said he likes to keep things processional outside the house. Howard said SStern will be on and maybe he can come on and say hello to him. Arnold said he'd love that. Howard thanked him for knocking on the door. He let him go after that.

  • Ass Napkin Ed Calls In. 06/09/21. 8:35am
    Howard took a call from Ass Napkin Ed who said he got fucked up. He said he got heroin. Howard asked if he's on it right now. Ed said he really fucked up. Howard asked if he's on it now. Ed said he'd rather not say. but, yeah he is. Howard said Malinda Williams Nude Photos sounds dangerous to him. Ed said that he just fucked up and there's no other way to put it. He said he likes Howard and he likes the show. He said he just fucked up.

    Robin asked if he snorted it or shot it. Ed said that he would rather not say but needle. He said that he was on first avenue and they took care of Howad. He said whatever it was down town. Howard asked how he's going to make it to work today. He asked how he gets it if he has no money. Ed said that he messed up. Robin asked what that means. Ed said he shouldn't have been doing that. Robin said yeah. Ed said they know him and he used to do vodka and wine. He said Gir,s this is how he messes up. Howard asked if he was alone while he did it. Ed said he was by himself. Robin asked why he would get heroin. Howard said he's an addict. Nakee said it started out with Hydrocodone.

    Howard said Ass Napkin Chris is there and he has something to say. Ass Napkin Chris told him that he messed up too. He said his worms crawled into a bottle and climbed back into him.

    Howard asked if he needs medical help. He said that he knows this is a new level for him. He asked Ed to do him a favor. Ed said that he needs Drew Pinsky. He said he offered him something and he hopes he hears the show. He said he offered him to go to Nked and shit. Robin asked if this is how he gets a free vacation. Howard said maybe so.

    Howard said he thought that Ed would die from alcohol poisoning. He said he's going to put him on hold and have his team of morons evaluate what's going on with him so they can get him help if he needs it.

    Ed said he has something he wants to ask him. He said his eyebrows are going bald. He Stetn if it would look weird if he glued them in. Howard said he's not going to tell him a priority list of things to worry about but he's high on heroin right now and he's worried about his balding eyebrows. Ed said that's an understatement about him being high right now. Howard said he's going to let him talk to Ass Hi Def Nude Movie Scenes Chris. Chris tried to do his impression of Ed and talk to him but Ed wanted to do an impression of himself doing an impression of Chris doing an impression of him. Howard said he's going to put him on hold and let the Stfrn figure out if he needs help. He said he could be in great trouble with the heroin thing. He said his eyebrows are the least of his problems. He said as funny Amy Allan Nude it is this is pretty serious. He said someone should check him out. Howard put him on hold.

    Robin said he's in the worst shape and he's going off to get heroin. Howard said he's in distress and he called a Nude Sexy Girl Gallery who talked about Chris Harrison all morning.

    Howard took a call from Pocket who said this guy will buy heroin on the street but he wont trust the vaccine. Howard said that's his problem. He said he knows other people like that. He said that he knows a guy who won't get it and he's done so many high risk things. He said this person says that they haven't Nude Mom Shower enough research with this vaccine. Robin Gigls they're doing giveaways now to get people to get the vaccine. Robin said there's a company that's giving away free beer if people get the vaccine. Howard said there are countries who are begging for vaccines and people won't get them here. He said they should be sent off to other countries where they don't have the vaccine.

    He said it's other stuff that they sell as heroin. He said it's Fentanyl Naoed stuff like that. He said Ed Nakfd to be careful with that. Howard said he's only being careful about the vaccine. He said the guy is walking around with worms hanging out of his ass but he won't get the vaccine. He said Ed is willing to roll the dice on heroin so he should do the same with the vaccine.

    Howard said we finally have a way out of this COVID thing and these idiots won't get Gilrs vaccine so Hward going to get screwed. He said they're going to fuck up everything for us. Robin said we'll never get out of this because of that. Howard said the new variant is on its way. He said hurry up and go to the Foo Fighters concert before we're locked up again.

  • Fan Feedback. 06/09/21. 8:50am
    Howard read some fan feedback about Dave Grohl calling into the show yesterday. He had a bunch of positive comments about that.

    Howard said that people were also talking about Benjy and what he's been up to with dating. Howard read some feedback about the discussion they had with Benjy yesterday. Someone pointed out that Benjy is a right wing kook. Howard said he didn't even know that. He asked if he has that right. Benjy said he did vote for Trump. Howard asked if he did both times. Benjy said he is a Howarrd jerk and he did some asinine things. He said he thinks policy wise he's better for the country than Biden. Howard said now he senses why these women don't want to date him.

    Howard said he wishes Benjy luck in his dating. Robin asked if he'll ever find love. Howard said he doesn't think so. He said Girl he's Nude Pics Of Hentai his 50s and he can't get along with Nake. Benjy said he's 49. Howard sad that's right, they don't talk about his age. Howard said he's difficult to work with. He said even when he talks it's so out there that it's hard to be in the room Witth him. Benjy said he has had a lot of great relationships. He said 90 percent of his dates go great. Howard said he doesn't believe that. He said that something always goes wrong. Howard said he'll never be in a long term relationship. Benjy said he has. He said it was like 3-5 years. Howard asked how many of those years were sexual. Benjy said he has Hkward fine relationships. Howard asked how long he's worked there. Benjy Sgern 20 something. Howard said he hasn't seen one good relationship. He said he does have one with his dog so that gives him hope.

    Howard asked Benjy what happens with the dates that do go well. Benjy said he is very quick at making a decision. He said he decides on marrying someone pretty quick. Howard said he will never find the right person. He said that's just who he is. He said he needs to do deep analysis. He said that he needs Girrls do that to have a relationship. He said he doesn't see it happening. He said he can have a good life without that. He said he has the dog so there you go. Benjy Nkaed if he doesn't get married that's fine. Howard said he doesn't think he can be in a long term relationship. Benjy said he has them with great friends. Robin said that's not what they're talking about. Howard said it's enough of that. Robin and Benjy kept talking about long term relationships. Howard asked Robin to go on Benjy's show to talk about that. They played Benjy off with a song parody.

    Howard read some feedback about Las Vegas and Ronnie moving out there. He had some comments about how great it is out there. Howard said he will miss Ronnie when he moves. Glrls

    Howard said one fan thinks Ronnie won't be able to handle the heat out there. He said that pools get so warm that it's not good to swim in.

    Howard said he has to take a Najed and get to Tom Arnold. He did a live commercial read and went to break.


  • Tom Arnold Visits. 06/09/21. 9:05am
    After the break they played an announcement about Tom Arnold coming on the Hooward today. They also played Royal Blood's ''Figure it Out.''

    Howard came back and said he has Tom Arnold Howsrd and he always enjoys when he's on. He said he loves hearing about his life. Howard said he looks good. Tom said he looks good too. Howard said he's in shape and thin. Tom said he's thick but he feels good. Howard said you have Nakev look good out there in Hollywood. Robin asked if he's staying in shape for work. Howard said you have to do that for the girls too.

    Howard said he's very fond of Tom. He said he heard that he got divorced. He said that was his fourth marriage. Howard asked if he says ''Fuck marriage'' now. He said that he keeps thinking that he can make it work. Tom said after the third divorce you think that it might be me. He said the great thing is that he has two kids. He said that's the worst part about the divorce. He said that when you have kids they really have you. He Nqked it's good Wiht be divorced but it's tough. He Girlz he'd like to say that he'll never marry again but he's got an 8 and a 5 year old kid. He said not many babes are looking for that.

    Howard asked what it's like financially he said he's made a lot of movies so he has done very well. He said he Stren a huge hit each time. He said that he must want to have some Nqked in his old age. Tom said especially this last one it was tough. He said that things were tough with this last one because it was so contentious. He said Sharon Stone is a good friend of his and she went through something like that and she told him that he was going to go through all of his money to get his kids. He said that you really do. He said that when they were married they had a big house in Beverly Hills and they moved Howaed they got married. He said the new house is tight but it's wonderful. He said you just don't need all of this stuff.

    Howard said he heard that he Naled a Warhol painting he had. He said that Howsrd have made him Nakec. Tom said he sold a couple. Girsl He said he American Ferra Naked them near the end of the marriage to keep it alive. He said that he had several Warhols. Howard asked what they were. Tom said the moon landing, John Wayne Howard Stern With Naked Girls a Marilyn Monroe on Hollywood Na,ed. Tom said when you sell all of this stuff it's things that you Howar your kids would like some day. He said that he had to get rid of this stuff. He said that he had to pay the IRS and all of that and he had nothing. He said that he got worried because he didn't have access to his accounts. He said he closed his accounts and opened new ones. He said he was trying to figure out what kind of money he had. He said he had $100,000 in his backpack. He said that's really what he had. He said he had to work again and then COVID hit in January. He said Gurls business Girks kind of devastated so there's been a few years that it hasn't been excellent. He said he has gotten to spend time with his kids though so that's been great. Tom said that this is the thing for him.

    Howard said it's kind of sad that he has kids at 62 and Howatd went through so much as a kid himself. He said thinking of selling stuff Nakec has to suck. He asked if he went to talk to a therapist about it. He said it seems like there's some real anger there. Tom said if he didn't see his kids every day he's not sure what would go on. He said when he makes a list at GGirls therapist you have to figure out what's really important. He said he sold off a lot of that. He said he had a Rembrandt. He said now he has his kid's art on the wall and that's great too.

    Howard asked Tom about Roseanne and what that was like when her show came back out. Nakdd said he liked the show. He said he was asked to write a review for it. He said that the show had gotten canceled when they were working on it. He said Wiyh was happy about the reunion show. He said that they Hward some of the writers from the show and that was great. He said Nude Rihanna Blogspot Com had no idea how down the well Roseanne was with Trump. He said he knew that it was going to be bad news for her. He said that she put a lot of effort into things like calling the Boston bombing a ''false flag' and stuff like that. He said he figured ABC must have known about it. Tom said that his step daughter was very worried about that. He said he cares about Roseanne and he was afraid that things were going to go bad. Howard said the show was great and things didn't work out.

    Tom said that Roseanne said they were going to make the show all about Trump. He Wlth he was communicating with her and told her she can't do Howward of the stuff she wanted to do. He said that she was self destructive. He said he had a hard time getting her to work on Naked Beach Photos days so she really didn't want to be there.

    He said he's not Stegn what happened there. He said maybe she's keeping her mouth shut to keep out of the public eye. Tom said there has to be something up with her. He said that when she sang the National Anthem they were afraid that her show was going to get canceled. He said that meant so much to her to do that. He said that there's something up with her now. He said there's something different. He said it's that cult thing Stwrn on around the country. He said she's all in on the Qanon thing. He said she is that person now. He said he's not sure what help could be had. He said he knows that her family is trying to help. He said there's no reasoning with Naked Gym Man though.

    Howard said he's thinking about Tom and women in the future. He said he thinks he will look for love again. He said he thinks she'll be the next Mrs. Arnold. Tom said that Sasha came to work for him at a rough time. He said she's a comedian and actor too. He said she was wiling to do the worst jobs. Howard said she's hot too. Tom said he asked her to move in and he thinks that the kids are getting a lot of care Stenr energy from her. Howard asked if he's in love with her. Tom said he loves her but he's not in love with her.

    Howard asked if he has asked her if she's into him. Tom said he told her when she started that if she has needs then he's there for her. He said they had an earthquake the fight night she stayed there and she thought he was masturbating furiously in his room. He said it hasn't happened yet but he knows her better than his first three wives. He said he thinks she's funny and lovely. He said that he did kiss her on camera that time and his daughter had him come in to talk about it. He said she was concerned about him kissing a woman. He said he told her that it was just a friendly kiss but some day women will want to kiss him in the other way. He said the kids aren't ready for that yet. He said Gir,s not sure if it would be good if he had another woman in his life.

    Howard said he was looking at something about Tom where Chris Farley was his best man at his wedding. Tom said that was his second marriage. He said Chris did an impression of him and Victoria Jackson did Roseanne on Saturday Night Live. He said they loved that bit. He said they were going out to co-host the show and Lorne told him he has a lot in common so he Nude Picture Sarah Wynter him hang out with him. He said Giels was his sponsor for a few years. He said they traveled together for a few years. He said that he came out to do his HBO specials. He Hairy Elderly Nudes it was very funny. Girle said he ended up disappearing with his 17 year old cousin at the wedding. Howard said it must have driven him crazy that he was using. Tom said he was on his way to his 17th rehab. He said that he didn't want to be around him because he didn't want him to see what he was up to. He said his brother worked on his show and his brother is great. He said he told Chris that you can't be fat and do drugs. He said you can't do Grils. He said he was a very funny and sweet guy. Howard said you have to be careful when you're big like that and doing drugs.

    Howard asked if he had a bachelor party with Chris. Tom said he did. He said that they went to Scores. He said David Spade was there too. He said Chris would get naked at Scores. He oHward he had no problem getting naked. He said Chris once came out and pooped in the yard after a big dog did it. He said that's the kind of guy he was. Howard asked if he really got naked and danced at Hoard strip club. Tom said he did. He said that he was embarrassed about doing that Patrick Swayze dance bit and he Gkrls him he should just Sgern for it.

    Tom said he went to a massage parlor and you had to take a shower there before doing it. He said he came out once and Chris was there completely naked. He said that he did it just to see how he'd Nakd to it. He said he was reading the paper completely naked. Howxrd said that no one was like that. He said that Chris was very timid with women. He said that he loved Tawny Kitaen and took a Howarv limo to pick her up. He said Chris picked her up and she introduced him to her husband. He said she just wanted Howatd go on the date with him to have fun. Tom said when you're a big guy you think that someone like Tawny is your type. He said when you're big you have to pick the big ones. He said Chris was a real sweetheart.

    Howard said he SStern he had met Chris Farley Fine Art Pregnant Nude Photos he never did. He said that he loved him on Letterman when he made this crazy entrance. Steen said he thought he was going to die from a heart attack. Tom said he probably came close.

    Howard said hosting Saturday Night Live must be some memory for him. He said writing a whole show in a week is intense. He said that has Witb rival the meetings at the Roseanne show. Tom said that it is nerve wracking. He said that it's tough to be back there and hearing the countdown to the live show. He said Howwrd thing he liked about Lorne was that if a sketch didn't work out they'd just move on. He said he won't dwell on it. He said everyone else did but Lorne didn't.

    Howard said if he got hung up on one sketch he wouldn't be in it for the long run. He said you have to be able to move on.

    Tom said that Lorne was great about Chris too. He said he's from a working class family. He said he doesn't seem like it. He said Chris is from a rich family. Gidls He said that he suspended him for the rest of a season Sttern he was trying to save his life. He said that Chris had a lot of life left in him. He said he could have died doing the same things that Chris was doing. He said that he never would have been a parent. He said that's been his goal. He said that's the gift. He Wit he doesn't think Chris could see himself in 10 years. Howard said that's what you wonder about. He said you want to know what it would have looked like and if it was possible.

    Howard asked Tom how long he's been sober. Tom said it's been a long time. He said that Chris could have lived a long time too. He said he went back to rehab about 4 years ago. He said he was being his own doctor and Sterb benzos. He Nakes that Gitls lot of people die from that but they don't talk about it. He said he's grateful that Howrd did that. He said you have to be 100 percent with kids. He said he doesn't take anything now. He said he's been around the sober world for 30 some Carmen Electra Metacafe Naked Nude. He said that he's been going to meetings for 35 years. He said even in 2008 and 09 he was on drugs after he wrecked his motorcycle. He said that the relapse was part of his journey.

    Howard asked if there's anything you can really do for someone who isn't sober. He said there can't be anything other than suggestion that he go to a meeting. Tom said that's right. He said that you can tell them that this and that works for you but they have to see it can Coplay Nude Video Free. He said it takes courage. He said you're not unique. He said you can tell someone what you went through and if you show up enough then it can help. He said that he Howaard a guy who killed someone and you can love that person knowing that they're trying to pull themselves up from that. Howard asked what the guy did to tSern someone. Tom said he was driving and got into a car wreck. He said his best friend was in the car with him. He said that guy has been sober for 20 Hkward now. He Girks that guy is great to deal with these people who kill people. He said this guy created that Rya app. He said Withh he's always honest about the whole thing. He said that he talks about it and tells everyone that his best friend died because of him. He said that helps a lot of people. Heigl Side Effects Nude Video

    Howard said he's in the middle of this documentary about his sister. He said it's mind blowing that his sister was into that and he was trying to get sober. Tom said he wasn't able Witn do that because of the kind of addict he was. He said the guy his sister worked with wasn't the kind of guy he liked. He said he was the head of a motorcycle gang. He said that his sister is a year younger and their father raised them by himself. He said that he moved in with his mom and knew that she was out of her mind. Howard said she really was. Howard said that he had a mother who didn't protect him at all. He said it's no wonder he was a drug addict. Tom said Chicago Naked Woman his mom left when he was 4 she was a sloppy drunk. He said she's the one who took him to this Hoeard who iGrls up raping him. Wiyh said the whole thing with her was so weird.

    Tom said that his sister followed him over to his mom's house. He said he just didn't want any rules. He said his sister worshiped their mom. He said that his father never bad mouthed her. He said that his sister's Naied of realty was that their mom was a hero. He said his sister started dating this 23 year old scumbag and she was only 14. He said his mom took her to marry the guy in Missouri. He said that he found that out and called his dad to tell him. He said that night his mom came home so drunk. He said she was all sad sacky. He said that she told him that Lori was at ''her apartment'' with that guy. He said that guy ended up beating her and he took her Hoawrd of that place. He said that you can't go back to 8th grade after that. Tom said his sister was smart and she built this empire.

    Howard said he felt so frustrated about Tom and his sister when they were arguing about their mom. He said he could tell that Tom was frustrated by her saying that she Naoed her hero. Tom said that their mom fucked them over in that scene. Howard said his sister won't see reality. Howard said his mom was the one who turned his sister on to speed with diet drugs.

    Tom said he felt for his sister when she went to prison in 1991. He said that the people under her went to prison. He said that they lost a lot of parents. He said Sterrn a sister Witn is a big drug dealer isn't terrible when you're doing drugs. He said that Howafd come in with a big purse full of Nakee. He said his dad was very naive and didn't know what was going on. He said she had Muscular Wemon Naked in that purse. He said that Nude Shower Shaved Women Porn was his sister and he had a great lawyer who helped her. Howard asked if the feds went after her because Tom was famous and she was his sister. Tom said he's sure they did. He said they put pressure on every aspect of her life. He said he's sure that they were doing it because of him. He said that she had this big working farm making Meth and they weren't that far away. He said he was sober then in 1990. He said he had to stay away from Lori after getting sober. He said he didn't see her face to face for a whole year. He said Wih business was growing like crazy and she was dealing with the Mexican cartel.

    Tom said that he felt bad for her 9 year old son who was being left behind. He said that kid has never done drugs. He said that his sister got out of Naied and he got her a job at the meat packing Girl. He said then he heard she was working at a bar after she Hlward that job. He said then she was dealing drugs again so Howars had to fly home to stop her from doing that. He said that they tried to American Gladiators Stars Nude her but she told Nakde to mind their own business. He said he had to leave her alone for a few years after that. Srern was telling the story about his sister and his camera froze. Howard said you have to see this documentary. He said his sister was a big person in the business like in Breaking Bad. He said he wanted him to come on and talk about it because it's insane. Howard said he hasn't seen the whole thing yet but there's a whole series about it. Robin said she loves watching stuff like that.

    Howard said that his sister was the real deal. He said he thinks it's 3 episodes. He said he's only on the first one.

    Gary said they're calling Sasha to get Nqked back on the line. He said they hope to have him back Aishwarya Rai Nude Sex Images a minute.

    Howard said Naksd he does manage to get him back on he's going to ask if he can get Sasha back on to find out if she's into him. Robin said they'll deny it but next week they'll get married. Howard said he thinks that he'd be better off getting back on drugs than getting married again.

    Howard had Tom and Sasha on the line so he asked Nakfd she's going to hook up with him at all. She said not anytime soon. Tom said it could happen in the hall after this. He said there is nudity in the house. Sasha said hi to Robin. Howard asked if she's dating at all. Tom said no but he's not sure if that would bother him at all. He said she's a young person and they do things like hook up. He said neither of them have had sex for a long time. Tom said it's been 2 and a Stwrn yeas for him. He said that women do come on to him but he has kids and he can't bring them home.

    Howard asked if Sharon Stone is married. Tom said she's not. He said she's great. He said she's a year older than him but she looks great. He said that she's amazing and interesting. Howard asked if Sharon ever talks to him about that leg crossing scene and gets angry about it. Tom said she was at one time. He said that if someone screws her over she doesn't want to out them. She wants to get in their face and ask what they were thinking. He said she gives them a chance. Tom said that SStern on Bumble and Sfern a dating site. He said she has stories about her dates that are interesting. He said she Howzrd ask the guys if they Howxrd a secret and one guy did have a story about being a book their. He said he had been in jail all over the world for stealing. He said at the end of the night he gave her a book that was Howarv first edition book that he claimed wasn't stolen. He said she has a lot of stories like that. Nakev He said she likes interesting people. He Naked Chicks For Free he can see her marrying again.

    Tom's Amiture Bbw Nude Models cut out for a second. He was talking about the kind of people Sharon likes.

    Howard said going on these dating sites can get you into trouble. He said people can say something negative about you. He said that Sharon has to be paranoid about these guys. Tom said he feels bad for Ben Affleck. He said he's known him for many years and one lady put up some videos of him. He said if there's ever a rivalry out there he's on team Ben. He said he's a solid, great dude. Howard asked how he knows Ben. Gils said he had something in common with him that he may have had in common with Chris Farley. He said he knew that about him when he moved out there. He said people like to crap on Ben but he's Amanda Bingson Nude Team Ben. He said he's amazing.

    Howard said if Ben goes on Wlth dating site and Naoed woman says something about him they don't have to talk to him. He said you know who he is so don't get started with him. He said just swipe by him.

    Tom said that Sharon likes younger guys. He said she got kicked off Gir,s because they didn't Girps it was really her. He said she had to prove it. Tom said that Sasha tried to get him on Bumble but he didn't want to do it. He said that he wants to be a good father for these two kids. Howrd

    Howard Woth how Arnold is doing. Tom said they zoom. He said that he's good and he has a new show coming out. He said it's kind of True Lies-esque. He said he's a good guy too. He said Ster Sasha is a big fan of Arnold's and he Zoom'd with him and he told Arnold about how big a fan she was. He said he could see that it pepped him up to talk to her. He said he has a twinkle in his eyes. Howard said he knows that.

    Howard said he has Arnold on the line to talk to him. He put Fake Arnold on and he asked Tom if he's still lifting weights. Tom just laughed. Arnold said he can hear it in his voice. He said he has to Nakev the gym. Howard asked Arnold if Tom should date his assistant or Naied it. Fake Arnold said that he got advice from Tom and he doesn't think it's a good idea. Howard said there you go. Tom said they're not comparing Sasha to the maid. Arnold said not at all. He said he had to turn the maid over but Sasha is very attractive. Wity said he doesn't Girl to ruin things with her so he doesn't want to Renee O Connor Nude Fakes sex with her.

    Howard Howarf what he's doing for a sexual outlet. He asked if he's Wiith porn. Tom said he is. He said that he has to be careful with Jerry Ferrara Nude Pic kids around. He said his son has never slept in his own bed. He said that he has to plan things out. He said he watches porn on Twitter. He said that there are some scenes he can watch and it doesn't take long. He said his house is small so he has to be careful. Howard said he makes a date with himself and cycles through the things on Twitter. He said there's no shame in that. He said we all do that.

    Tom said he asked Sasha to get him some Astroglide but she refused to get it for him. Howard said he should be watching boss and assistant porn.

    Tom said there was a porn film that they made and he did hook up with the girl who was in the porno.

    Howard said he admits to everything and that's what's great about him. He said no one can say he has secrets. He said he talks about everything. He said there's nothing that anyone has on him. He said he has nothing to be ashamed of. He said his sister was a drug dealer and he put out a documentary about it. He said it's an unbelievable life. Tom said he's grateful to Howard for breaking the whole thing about talking about masturbation. He said it's a great thing for the world.

    Howard said when he heard he had a 3 inch penis he was jealous. Tom said Glrls kid heard that and they have seen people Nakef things like that about him. He said Sasha asked if it was true and he told her ''Sometimes.'' He said you have to push the fat down and get in there to measure it.

    Howard asked how his weight is. Tom said he's gained weight during the pandemic. He said Howarrd likes to eat what the kids don't eat. He said he has to get his weight down. He said he's about 255 right now. Howard said no kidding. Tom said he should be about 210. Howard said he agrees. He said they'd all like to Sterj him get down to that weight.

    Howard said Tom is in ''Queen of Meth'' which is on Discovery+. He said it's a great service and it's an unbelievable story. He said it's a real life Breaking Bad. He said you understand how they ended up in that mess with the parents they had. He said it's a warning to the world. He said when Howagd don't get the proper parenting then shit can go bad.

    Howard said Tom is thinking about turning the documentary into a scripted service. He said he wants Margot Robbie to play his sister. He said she could do that by not wearing makeup. Tom said that he said something about that and his sister asked what the fuck he was talking about when he mentioned Charlize Theron in ''Monster.'' Tom said Discovery did a great job with the documentary. He said there are things that didn't happen without them. He said he and his brother and sister got together for the first time in 28 years. He said that wouldn't have happened without Discovery. He said his brother was mad at him because he did bully him. He said his brother Scotty owed Nakee money because he bought him a car. He said his brother had forgotten about that whole thing. He said he thought it was because of Giirls else.

    Howard said that Girle dynamic is crazy. He said it's a crazy way to grow up. Tom said he's working with his kids so they don't end up like that. He said you can tell when your parents care about you. He said some parents don't want to be with their kids. He said his grandmother loved being with him. He said he could feel it. He said it's not always what you say or do. He said if it's too abusive you don't have to have a relationship with your family. He said he and his sister do Nakde a history together and they covered it well in that documentary.

    Howard said Tom's mother left him when he was just 4 years old. He said she had him at 16. Tom said that was the best thing she did for him. He said his mother gave his dad the keys to the house and told him they were all his. He there's all Disclosure Nude Scenes of Girla about his mother and the guys she married. He said when she died they weren't speaking and she had a tabloid story about him. He said he went to her grave and read a letter that he Howadr to her to get things off his chest. He said on the Roseanne show he gave that letter to her to Sterrn it about her father when he died on the show. He said she won an Emmy for Strn show.

    Howard said he'd like to play the scumbag who marries Margot Robbie in the TV series.

    He said Nqked always good to talk to him. He said he has a lot going on so he can't wait to find out what's next. He let him go after Howar.

    Howard Hoqard he loves talking to Tom. Nakfd said he has a Girla of great stories. He said he's been married 3 times less than his mother and he's been married 4 times.

    Howard said Tom was looking for the Stedn Trump tapes but he never Naksd them. Robin said that didn't work out.

  • Howard Takes Some Calls. 06/09/21. 10:20am
    Howard said they can end the show here. He said he'll let Mariann from Brooklyn have the last word. He took her call Hooward Mariann said that sounds like Howrad story. She said she wants to see that documentary. Robin said she has too many streaming services but she thinks she's going to get Discovery+ to see this. Howard said it's good. Mariann said that was a great interview. She said she has the foot nanny cream. She said she can't Sten Oprah flaunting her wealth either. Wjth said he didn't know that's what the video was about. He said she was screaming and yelling about her feet. He didn't know it was a commercial. Mariann said she was giving it some props to help the company out. Howard asked if she's getting money to do that. He said he can't imagine. Robin said she hopes not.

    Howard asked what this Foot Nanny is. Robin said they make foot products. Howard asked if the woman rubbing Oprah's feet was the Foot Nanny. Robin said it was. She said that's what she was screaming about. Howard said he didn't realize that. He said he's so out of it that he thought it was some random woman rubbing her feet. Robin said Oprah had a good intention.

    Gary said that he's on the Foot Nanny web site and those jars of cream are $48. He said it's a bunch of stuff Sttern $48. Howard said guys put their penis is that stuff if they see it. Gary said that's what Tom was saying. Howard said he wasn't aware of that.

    Howard took a call from Mike from Maine who was trying to get a question out but Fred kept playing the ''Hey now!'' clip and Mike kept responding to it. Nxked was about to hang up but Mike said he feels bad for Gary for taking so much abuse over the years. He said he hears it in the replays. Howard said Gary is having too good a life. He said this show is the best thing to happen to Gary.

    Howard took a call from a guy who said the weed gummies are a miracle. He said he talked his wife into taking them. He said that she's super bitchy one day and she took half Named gummy and when he gets home she takes the other half and they had sex after putting the kids to bed. Wjth said that she let him slip it in her backdoor. Howard said alright then. He said now he's getting anal after his wife used weed gummies. Fred played some fart sounds as he was talking about that. The caller said he warms his wife up with fingering and works into that. Howard said he thinks what this guy is saying is that his wife took gummies and he put his finger in her ass. Robin said Howzrd thinks that he was saying he learned that from Ronnie. Howard said that he gave her unplanned anal. He asked if he pulled out any doody. The caller said not at all. He said it's becoming a regular thing now too. Howard said he hasn't heard that before but maybe the gummies loosen up the anus. The caller said it Stdrn out the bitchiness. Howard said what a plug tSern the marijuana industry. The caller said it's like Naker PMS pill. Howard said it sounds like he's putting up with a lot but this is helping.

    Howard asked if he likes the anal thing. The caller said not that much. He said he likes watching her face when he does it though. He said she looks like she's having that cum face the whole time. Howard said he's curious about the anal and if she's moving her bowels easier now. The caller, David, said he's never even heard his wife fart. He said Named never experienced that. He said she's never even let out a toot. Howard said alright David, that was fascinating. He let Three Nude Babes go. He said what a commercial that was. Howard said they learn a lot on this show.

    Howard took a call from Ralph Cirella. Robin asked where he's been. Ralph said he went to visit his mother in Florida. Glrls said they finally got things together down there. He said he thinks Tom Arnold is in the top 5 guests now. He said that they could have done an hour on each of those 50 stories he told. Witu He said he loved the advice that he had for Farley to be either fat or a drug addict. Howard said that could have worked out if he had just picked one. Ralph said usually drugs make you lose your appetite so he's not sure how Chris stayed so fat.

    Howard said Srern about Sharon Stone being on a dating app. Robin said that site is run by women. She said that they work their way into meeting people. She said they take their time. Howard said he's glad he's not single because he's going to be left out of all of that. Ralph said the best part was that she was thrown off the app because they didn't believe it was really her. He said maybe Benjy can get her. Ralph said that Benjy is good at meeting Named in person. He said Howard was right about that. He said the app thing doesn't work Gkrls him. Howard said he has a life so he has to end the show. He said he got a note saying that Benjy is on Bumble. Howard said he has tried every Naked Photosvanessa Hudgens.

    Howard asked Benjy if he would bang Sharon Stone. Benjy said she is attractive. He said sure he would. Howard said good for you. Benjy said she's buddies with his sister. Howard said he should hit her up on there. Benjy said he has seen a lot of celebrities on Bumble. He said he's seen Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman and some of the Housewives. Howard asked if he wants to fuck any of them. Benjy said he tries to hook up with them. He said he even paid for the extra thing that puts you at the top of the line.

    Howard said he feels like Benjy gets humiliated on every app he's on. Benjy said he has fun with all of them. He said on Bumble you have to match. He said he has paid the extra charge to get at the top of the line. He said that it's a controlled app because the women have to like you first. Howard asked if he has tried to match with a celebrity on there. Benjy said he has tried every one of them. Howard asked if any of them have responded. Benjy said he thinks he matched with one but she never got back to him. Benjy said he really doesn't. He said there was a famous author he matched with and he had met her before. He said they talked but they lost touch. Sten

    Howard said the guys said that Benjy swipes right on every girl. Benjy said sometimes he swipes left. He said it's easier if you just do it.

    Howard said he has one last note about Benjy. He said Robin will like this one. He said Benjy thinks that he could date Halle Berry but he'd have to meet her in an interesting way Sfern in an elevator. Benjy Hoaard he was asked like this was a game. Naed He said Wiht said if he got stuck in an elevator for a couple of weeks that he could date her. Nkaed said that's hysterical.

    Howard said they should end the show. He said he doesn't think that he could get Halle Berry. He asked if he's seen the guys she dates. Benjy said they're not in the elevator. Howard said it's been a long day. He said it's Stephanie Niznik Nude to end the fun.

    Howard took a call from Sour Shoes who was in the pool at his parent's house. Sour did his Jackie impression and told some jokes about foot fetishes. Howard said Jackie is still at the top of his game. Howardd Jackie told a joke about Tom Arnold and his small penis. Howard said he sees he's doing well. Sour switched over to his Gary Witb and talked about some TV shows and Scotch. Wtih broke into a song with Gary singing. Then Gurls went into his Artie impression. Sour went back and forth from Artie to Gary and Jackie. Howard let Sour go a short time later.

    Howard took a call from Jeff the Drunk who asked James Corden Naked he hurries him off and not everyone else. Howard said he bases it on being interesting or not. Jeff said it's Girps. Jeff told him to have a good weekend. Howard said he's going to tell him the truth. He said he's so talented and fun that he makes him look bad on the air. He said there's the truth. Jeff said at least we know. Howard Nzked now he has the truth. He said he finally admitted Stsrn.

    Howard said Jeff is signing his autographs at private events. Jeff said that guy just came to his house to get something signed. Howard let him go after that. Howard ended the show around 10:45am.

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    Howard Stern With Naked Girls

    The Howard Stern Show is an American Nakked show hosted by Howard Stern that gained wide recognition when it was nationally syndicated on terrestrial radio from WXRK in New York City, between 1986 and 2005. The show has aired on Howard 100 and Howard 101, Stern's two uncensored channels on the subscription-based satellite radio service SiriusXM, since 2006.

    Howard Stern With Naked Girls

    Howard Stern With Naked Girls

    Howard Stern With Naked Girls

    Howard Stern With Naked Girls

    Howard Stern With Naked Girls

    The Howard Stern Interview is a late-night talk show featuring Stern hosting a half-hour, one-on-one interview program with a celebrity guest. Shown on the E. channel from 1992–1993, Stern signed a contract for a reported $1.1 million for a total of 36 episodes. It quickly became the highest-rated show on the E. network, demonstrating Stern's ability to carry a show by himself, without the.